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Saving Tips

Saving Tips

Thermostatic Valves and Heating Controls:

  • Replace radiators, move them around or add new ones for improved efficiency and a warmer home. Radiators replaced from £120.
  • Replace your standard radiator valves with thermostatic valves to improve energy efficiency.
  • Install room thermostats to manage the temperature in your home better.
  • Upgrade your heating controls to an advanced programmer for greater flexibility.
  • Fit a MagnaClean on your heating system to prevent the build up of sludge and debris in your pipes.
  • We fit all types of heating system upgrades.

Government Schemes:

We care about saving 'You' money! Many of our services will help to reduce your energy bills.

Inefficient boilers, old radiator valves, simplistic control systems and high energy appliances waste an enormous amount of energy in UK homes. You don't need us to tell you that this costs you money!

By replacing your boiler, your radiator valves or your old appliances you can save money and enjoy a warmer home. Government schemes

But don't take our word for it! The government is committed to improving energy efficiency so much that it offers two schemes to help people upgrade. Warmfront offers £300 to people over 60 who are replacing their boiler. The Boiler Scrappage Scheme might be also be of interest to you. Why not also visit: Money Saving Expert Martin and his team offer tips on how to cut back on bills, how to change energy suppliers along with lots of other advice.

Government Winter Fuel Payments:

Winter Fuel Payment helps older people keep warm in winter. Find out who can get it, how to get it and how much you can get. If you haven't received it before, find out what you need to do.

Selection of Trusted Economical Boilers Currently on the Market:

economical boilersWorcester. Vaillant. Potterton. Baxi. Main. Biasi. Intergas.

We install high quality boilers from all the above manufacturers installations start from £1100. A new boiler will save you money in the long term' due to it running more efficiently than an old boiler.