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Gas Safety Certificates

Gas safety certificates

It is a legal requirement that Landlords have a Gas Safety inspection carried out on their gas appliances once a year to show that they have been properly installed, services and are safe. Our engineers at GE Heating & Gas are qualified to carry out these checks and to provide Certificates to the landlords, tenants and agents. When tenants vacate a property, landlords must ensure that gas appliances and fittings are safe before re –letting.

service certificateWe are happy to carry out both individual certificates for our landlords and agents as well as for multiple properties as well, at a reduced per property fee.

When choosing an engineer, it is important to ask what they are going to do regarding the inspection. It is not a simple case of testing the gas to make sure it is not leaking. The following list explains what other actions must be carried out during an annual gas safety check:

The certification will include:

  • Visual inspection of appliance location, terminal, flue route/position, & signs of incomplete combustion
  • Castings and combustion chamber seals
  • Gas meter/emergency control valve for accessibility in an emergency, for maintenance & labelling
  • Appliance burner pressure or gas rate or both where necessary
  • Combustion gas analysis, where specified in the appliance manufacurer's servicing instructions
  • Ventilation is clear and sufficiently sized etc
  • Flue flow and spillage testing where appropriate for correct operation of flue
  • All flame supervision devices and/or other safety controls for correct operation
  • Investigate any evidence of unsafe operation of appliances
  • Tightness test of the installation of the gas line

For any boilers that GE Heating & Gas install, we will contact you after 10 and 11 months to arrange the first annual service during the month thereafter.